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Xylenes, ACS Reagent, Greater than or equal to 98.5% xylenes + ethylbenzene basis

Code: 247642-20L D2-115

ACS Reagent, ≥98.5% xylenes + ethylbenzene basis

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Assay Xylene isomers and Ethylbenzol (GC):min. 98.50%
Ethyl benzene (GC):max. 25%
Water (Karl Fischer):max. 0.05%
Non-volatile matter:max. 0.002%
S-compounds (as S):max. 0.003%
APHA:max. 10
Reaction against H2SO4:complying

Cas Number1330-20-7
Hazard Class3
Un Number1307
Pack GroupIII